How It Works

   “Thank you for arranging a driver for us.

 He was really delightful and professional” – CB

Call Anne or Ally with the details of your journey

We will supply you with the necessary details for you to include your chauffeur on your fully comprehensive motor insurance.  We need to see the covering certificate of insurance.

We will confirm via the internet that your vehicle has a current excise licence and, where necessary, a current test certificate

Your chauffeur will meet you at the agreed time and place where you will be invited to sign a declaration confirming the insurance cover and other matters

Your chauffeur will have prepared a route but will be happy to make any changes to suit your preferences and requirements

We never ask our clients for an estimated finishing time

We invoice by email or post after the event to a private or business address so there is no need to worry about money on the day

Your invoice can be paid by bank transfer, cheque or debit/credit cards

We can pay, on your behalf, any city and urban congestion charges and add the details to your invoice

Any tips and gratuities are a private matter between you and your chauffeur

Your chauffeur will never be seconded to another client during your assignment

Your chauffeur will always dress appropriately for the occasion


“With many thanks Victoria –

Peter was excellent, attentive and resourceful.

All best wishes for 2020″ – ‘E’

The Benefits



your door to door service means you no longer have to spend valuable time searching for that safe and convenient parking safe



Public Transport

 Avoid the timetables, restrictions and availability of buses, trains and taxis.  You are in control


Drinking and Driving

The dangers and consequences are obvious.  What is your licence, job, reputation and home worth to you?






   The Chauffeurs – “Old School Bobbies”

Our chauffeurs are either serving or retired Police drivers, widely accepted as the safest on our roads

Many have undertaken structured driver training courses with the elite achieving the coveted Advanced level

They will respect your vehicle and do everything possible to ensure that your journeys are safe and you arrive on time at your destination

During their careers they have encountered numerous stressful, challenging and occasionally dangerous situations which have given them the confidence to remain calm and professional at all times, acting with discretion, common sense and an appropriate sense of humour

Every chauffeur has signed the Official Secrets Act and a contract confirming that all legal matters relating to the client remain CONFIDENTIAL

The chauffeurs are paid an hourly rate starting when they meet you or collect your vehicle.

When the working time goes beyond the hour and ends before the half-hour, you will be charged for the half-hour.

Periods in excess of the half-hour will be charged for the full hour.  Our hourly charge is £18.75 plus VAT rising to £21.50 plus VAT between the hours of midnight & 6am.

We have a minimum charge of 3 hours.

Gatwick – Minimum Charge of 3 hours

Heathrow – Minimum Charge of 4 hours.